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Client Testimonials
"We have two boys ages 11 and 8. We met Ifat a little more than a year ago. She came very highly recommended and quite frankly she saved our family. Let me rephrase that, we all saved my family, but she gave us the tools, she gave us the knowledge  on what to do when you have children that are ADHD and ODD.

The first time I met Ifat, I was so impressed with her professionalism and enthusiasm to make things right (especially when my wife and I were not).

I highly recommend Ifat Bilitzer. She is well organized, dependable, timely, trustworthy, and always brings a positive attitude to her work, especially when my family did not .

What stands out the most, is unparalleled upbeat mentality she always brought to our home. When my kids come home from school and they do something that they know we're going to be proud of they want to call her and let her know. Any place, any time or anything...she will respond via text or phone call ASAP.

If we had not met Ifat when we did, I really believe  our family would not be a family anymore."

“The unbelieveable support and insight I have received from Ifat and our experience working with her has given my family the tools necessary to succeed.”  



“Ifat was truly a game changer for our family! Not only were we able to see dramatic changes in our son's behavior, but she helped us improve all of our family dynamics. Her advice and positive emotional support is invaluable to any parent and it has proven to be the best investment we could have made for our entire family!"



“Ifat was recommended to us by our family psychologist as someone that could come into our home, watch our dynamics, and help us solve some behavioral issues we were having parenting our daughters. My husband and I, and our kids, have felt comfortable with her since day 1 - in fact the kids LOVE her visits! We have definitely noticed a positive change in our home, though it takes hard work and dedication.”  



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