The entire process is conducted in the home, the school, or in the community - during your everyday routine.

We help improve the following situations:

Behaviors at
frazzled mom, kids acting out, kids mess, messy house, out of control children, tantrum, behavioral issues, toddler tantrum, kids fighting, tired parent
  • Noncompliance with demands

  • Tantrums and outbursts of challenging behaviors (e.g., aggression, disruption, disrespectful language)

  • Behavior during homework and overall learning

  • Organization and time management skills

  • Developing a structured daily routine

  • Increasing the child’s independence

  • Independent living skills (e.g., eating, sleeping, toileting)

  • Social skills 

Behaviors at
bullying, social issus, kid being isolated at school, bullying at school, social challnges at school, disruptive behavior, peer interaction, low self-esteem
  • Staying on-task

  • Following teacher directions

  • Transitions between activities

  • Disruptive behavior

  • Social interaction with peers 

  • Assistance and guidance with Individual Education Plans (IEPs) and 504 Plans

Behaviors in the Community
temper tantrum, aggressie behavior, screaming child, verbal aggressions, behavior therapy, behvior problems, tantrum behavior, screaming fits

Challenging / inappropriate behaviors in the following settings:

  • Stores

  • Movie theater

  • Parks

  • Restaurants 

  • Religious institutions

"My biggest passion is being able to provide

practical tools to help you manage and improve

the behavior of your children/students."

                            - Ifat Bilitzer