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What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? 

ABA is a scientific model catered to changing your child’s inappropriate/challenging behaviors and your overall family dynamics. ABA is effective for everyone - all ages, regardless of diagnosis or functioning level.


Every professional who teaches or interacts with your child goes through extensive training to do so effectively.  Parenting - the most demanding, challenging, and continuous “job” that exists - does not come with any manual or formal education.  


Stemming from the idea that there is a direct relationship between one’s behavior and his/her environment, ABA teaches you - the adult - exactly how to best interact with your child in order to see significant improvements in his/her behavior. The goal of behavioral therapy is to give you practical strategies so that you are able to implement them successfully and see the results within a short period of time. 


The entire process is conducted in your home, your child’s school, or the community – the setting where the challenging behaviors occur – during your regular, everyday, routine.  At the end of this process, your family will acquire a new and happier way of living and you will be the parent you want to be. 

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